DDW looks back on successful week: 350,000 visitors

Dutch Design Week (DDW) attracted some 350,000 visitors, as it did last year. Despite the rain, the organisers look back on the event positively.

“I am very impressed,” says Miriam van der Lubbe, creative head of Dutch Design Week. “It is wonderful to see how all design disciplines were strongly represented and the quality of the presentations exceeded my expectations.”

This year’s theme, “Picture This”, was to depict and embrace contemporary and future scenarios. Miriam is convinced that Dutch Design Week will not disappear from Eindhoven any time soon. “We will continue to make space for emerging talent and help new generations and designers connect with the right national and international audience and partners.”

DDA Audience Award

Every year there is an award for the best design during Dutch Design Week. This year, Bosk was the winner of the Dutch Design Award Audience Award. Bosk is a moving forest, which disrupted the centre of Leeuwarden last summer. The trees were moved to new locations by residents and in this way travelled 3.5 kilometres. With this exhibition, the organisation wanted to raise awareness about the importance of nature and greenery.

At Dutch Design Week, designers from home and abroad get a stage for their designs. During the week, the focus is on the future. With all kinds of designs, solutions are put forward to counter challenges such as climate change, the ageing population or food scarcity.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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