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Eindhoven municipality is scouting for the youth heroes of 2023. Do you know a child or teenager between 6 and 18 years old who is very much committed to others in the city in a special way? Then you may nominate this young person for a ‘Jeugdlintje’ (youth ribbon).

Do you know such a young hero? A friend, neighbour, volunteer or grandchild? Register him or her for the Youth Ribbon!

When are young people eligible?

The Youth Ribbon is an appreciation for young people who have done something exceptional or special for Eindhoven society. This concerns, for example, children who provide help to the elderly, sick or lonely for a longer period of time. Young people who volunteer, have saved a life or have set up a campaign for a good cause, their neighbourhood or society. But also making an invention and setting a record are achievements that deserve a Youth Ribbon. Sports performance is not included. That’s what the sports medals and SportAwards are for.

Positive contribution

With the Youth Ribbon Eindhoven municipality likes to encourage young people to do good work for others. Young people who make a positive contribution to society in a special way are an example to others. They deserve special attention and appreciation for this. With the Youth Ribbon the city puts them in the spotlight. They will receive a modern ‘ribbon’ and are given a place of honor in the ‘Heldentunnel’ (tunnel of hero’s) at Kruisstraat.

To register

Do you know a young hero? Register him or her no later than October 13, 2023 via Who knows, he or she will be honored on November 20, 2023 with the Youth Ribbon.

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