Refugees to stay at Hotel Glow

Hotel Glow
Hotel Glow. Photo credit: Studio040

Eindhoven municipality wants to house 65 under-eighteen refugees who will be accommodated in Hotel Glow there for at least a year. Local residents initially criticised the plan. The spot on Keizersgracht where the hotel is located is not known as the safest and most respectable part of the city. It may therefore not be the ideal location for vulnerable minors. 

The objections do not seem to fall on deaf ears with the municipality, according to a council letter. Centraal Opvang Asielzoekers (COA), which organises the reception of asylum seekers, should come up with a plan for education and guidance of the refugees.

Protecting refugees

Additional precautions should also ensure that the young refugees are protected. In the area around the hotel, for instance, there is regular nuisance from drug users and homeless people, and the young people are vulnerable to exploitation in human trafficking. The shelter is therefore continuously monitored and the young people are also taught about the risks and temptations in the city centre, the college writes.

Preventing nuisance

Moreover, day care and supervision must prevent the young people themselves from causing nuisance in the neighbourhood. Business activities should be disrupted as little as possible and the sense of safety in the neighbourhood should be maintained and, if possible, improved.

As the problems of drug use and homelessness increased in the area, it was announced that the municipality wants to hire more boas (special investigating officers). The possibility of camera surveillance in the area is also being explored.

Consulting locals

Finally, COA intends to consult regularly with local residents and entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood on how things are going. This need not always be negative. Ideas can also be discussed to organise activities for the young people together with local residents or entrepreneurs, according to the council.

It is unknown when the first refugees will move into the hotel. This is expected to take several weeks. The refugees will stay there for at least a year. After that, in consultation with the hotel owner, COA and the municipality, it should be decided whether the accomodation will be continue to be available.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn


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