The cost of displacement

Cost of war to Eindhoven
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The reception of Ukrainian efugees in Eindhoven will cost the municipality about 22.7 million euros. However, that amount is largely reimbursed by the state; the Eindhoven municipality advances it.

Since July, there are 1030 shelter places in the region. In the first half year of 2023, Eindhoven spent 13.2 million euros to receive refugees fled from the Eastern European country. One million was spent on rebuilding and repair costs of  the buildings. In addition, the preparation and rental amount for the units at the Máxima Medical Centre area was transferred at once – about 1.9 million euros. The location in itself was provided for free by the MMC.

In total, Eindhoven paid 2.3 million euros in rent for the reception sites in the city. However, most of it went to the operation of those places. That cost the municipality 7.5 million euros.

Second half of 2023

The second half of 2023 is expected to look about the same, except for the rent for the units at the Máxima Medical Centre. As a result, from July through December 2023, Eindhoven is estimated to spend only 400,000 euros in rental costs. Operating costs will remain about the same. That cost is estimated at 7.2 million euros.

15 million euros

From the state an amount of 83 euros per day per asylum seeker is calculated. Therefore, over the first half of 2023, the municipality will receive about 15 million euros from the state. Of which the municipality expects to retain 3.6 million. That amount will be put into a reserve pot that totals 8.6 million euros.

That money will probably be spent at a later stage. After all, Eindhoven has to realise a total of just under 1,300 reception places for the war victims. Therefore, between 250 and 300 additional reception places must be created.

Source: Studio040

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