PSV manager ambitious for national championship and Champions League

Peter Bosz has great ambitions Picture credit: PSV media

With the presentation of Peter Bosz, PSV is entering a new period for the third time in four years. Where Mark van Bommel, Roger Schmidt and Ruud van Nistelrooij successively failed to reach the Champions League, the club now places its fate in the hands of Bosz.

There was only one candidate for the vacant position of head coach, technical director Ernie Stewart said at the start of the press conference. Bosz had also felt that way, and so the talks went on smoothly.

The assignment is clear for the new head coach, i.e., the national championship must be achieved again. But first a race against time awaits. At the beginning of August, the team must qualify for the Champions’ League group stage. A challenge that Bosz will have to start with a selection that is not yet complete. Nevertheless, the trainer says he is ready for the challenge.


“I worked abroad for seven years,” says Bosz. “In that time, my vision of football has not changed. I want to play attractive football and combine that with winning prizes. But I have changed about how you can implement that vision.”

The organisation in the team is vital, says Bosz. “We need to get fewer goals against. We must be better at losing the ball. People always point to the risks my teams would take, but in my season at Ajax we conceded 23 goals in the competition. Then you are just good defensively. That is also necessary. You cannot attack without good organisation.”


Where PSV under Van Nistelrooij previously allowed itself to lose momentum in order to strike from the switch, the team under Bosz will chase the ball more fanatically. But Bosz has only five weeks to implement his playing style, and then the internationals players still have to join.

“That is the reality of modern football. Some boys will join later. Saibari is even now still active with Young Morocco. We have to fit in purchases. It’s getting very busy. In addition, I am not the kind of coach who bangs on the door with the question ‘is that new purchase already there’, but I do want to know how things are going.”

Youth training

In addition, Bosz says he has an eye for the players who come from the Herdgang. “Every player must have perspective. With a large selection, guys start to feel that I’m not going to play. Then they also hang at the back of the car during training. In addition, if you think you have a good youth academy, those guys should also be given the chance to join.”

He does not dare to say how long it will take before the team has mastered Bosz’s way of playing. “That went fastest in Israel (at Maccabi Tel Aviv, ed.). But you can only learn a way of playing step by step. We have to get there quickly. For the Johan Cruijff shield, but more importantly for the preliminary round of the Champions League. When it starts soon, we really have not made everything clear yet, but we have already made a bit of it.”

Technical staff

Bosz will not do this alone. Rob Maas takes the trainer with him while Stijn Schaars joins from the PSV academy as assistant trainer. Tim Wolf and Abe Knoop remain on as assistant trainers and keepers trainers.

Bosz is also positive about Schaars’ football vision. “I once wanted to bring Schaars to Almelo when I was a trainer of Heracles. He then went to AZ and I was disappointed. I thought he was a very intelligent player at Vitesse. Now he is a PSV trainer, so I think it would be nice to add him. Talking to him about football gave me a lot of energy, so I’m glad he’s joining us.”

Source: Studio040
Translated: Yawar Abbas

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