Latest plans for urban forest on the table

The area of the planned city forest Picture credit: Eindhoven Digitale Stad

A place to go for a walk, have a drink or attend a concert. These activities should all become possible in the new Urban Forest. The latest plans were presented recently by alderperson Rik Tijs and the project developers. Citizens and those with a direct interest get a final opportunity to give their feedback on the concepts on the table. 

Th Urban Forest covers diverse areas in Eindhoven’s north west. They include sports park De Herdgang, De Wielewaal, the Philips Orchard, BioArt and the I.S.E. and the Welschap Golf Course. In the plan, all these combine to create one large forest.


After a participation process to enable over two hundred citizens to share their views, the municipality has now presented atheir latest concept for the future City forest. Where there was talk of three final scenarios previously, the project developer has now made one plan, together with the citizens. The plans focus on a number of key points which are to ensure that the wishes of the citizens as well as those of the municipality are given shape.

Grote Beek

The highest priority, says alderperson Rik Thijs, will be the water management to forster the further development of nature in the area.  “The Grote Beek (large brook) running through a lare part of the area will be strengthened so that more water is retained in the Urban Forest.” Especially on De Wielewaal, (still privately territory) work is vially necessary because of a backlog in maintenance and dessication of the soil.

“Some areas need to be left alone” – alderperson Rik Thijs

The municipality bought private property De Wielewaal 18 months ago geleden for 29 million euros. The area, twice the size of theme park De Efteling, was never open to the public. When the Urban Forest has been realised, De Wielewaal can alo be enjoyed by everyone. .

Relaxation and recreation

The plans separate relaxation and recreation. People will find a restaurant or café, but some sections will be designated quiet zones.  Not every wish has been granted. For instance, there will be no place in the forest for a mountainbike track. “Such a track causes too much damage to the environment so we did not opt for it”, the alderperson says.

There will also be opportunities for events such as open air yoga or concerts. However, some areas will be entirely closed to the public. “Some parts need to be left alone for a natural environment  to flourish”.

Slow traffic

A final key point is slow traffic. Various walking and cycle paths will ensure good mobility in the forest. Car traffic is not part of the plan. Instead, there will be designated spots where people can park their cars.

Final plans this autumn

Until the end of July citizens can still send their feedback. At the end of the year the plans will be complete and the council will take a decision.

Source: Studio040

translator: Greta

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