Design Academy is moving house

Design Academy Eindhoven - new home
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Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) will get a new home in the city. The renowned design school will move from its current location in the Witte Dame to Microlab at Strijp-S in 2027. This is necessary because the current location is too small for the education institute.

To this end, the DAE board has signed a letter of intent with the municipality of Eindhoven. Although the parties agree on the location, the financing still needs to be finalised. It is expected that both parties will be able to reach that goal before the end of the year.

Part of the agreement also includes student accommodation. This should help first-year DAE students find their first accommodation in the city, which is certainly not easy for newcomers.

City of design and technology

“This location fits perfectly with our vision of DAE’s evolution. As a school, we need to be able to give our students room to grow. But we are also committed to this city, both practically and emotionally. Eindhoven has a unique position in design and technology that is embedded in the city’s DNA,” said DAE Director of Education Raf De Keninck.

Securing the city’s future

“DAE, as a leading international design institute, plays an important role in this. The city council has given us confidence that the financial gap and housing problems can be solved so that we can move to location Microlab in 2027 and secure DAE’s future in Eindhoven,” De Keninck said.

Creative director of DAE Joseph Grima, too, sees the importance of preserving the training institute for the city. “The history of Design Academy Eindhoven is deeply intertwined with the history of Eindhoven at every level,” said Grima.

Concentration of talent and excellence

“Today, more than ever, Eindhoven represents an extraordinary concentration of talent and excellence in design. We look forward to building on this extraordinary legacy of collaboration with the city to achieve new ambitions in design education, while preserving the identity and soul of this beloved institution.”

D of Design

Alderperson for higher education Monique Esselbrugge also expressed her delight that the DAE will remain Eindhoven. “As a city of technology, design and knowledge, we cherish the D of design. We would like to keep DAE for the city, given its great value for the design ecosystem and Eindhoven’s business climate. DAE designers play a role in the city’s sustainable future. We will do our utmost to realise a nice place for DAE in Microlab at Strijp-S,” said the alderperson.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn



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