Eindhoven to expand camera surveillance

Nuisance Woenselse Markt
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The Municipality of Eindhoven wants to expand camera surveillance in the city. Eindhoven now has fewer cameras than the national average. However, extra camera surveillance is needed in some places in the city, according to the city council.

Until recently, Eindhoven had no policy for placing cameras in public spaces for the sake of order and safety in the city. In order to establish this policy, the Municipal Executive would like feedback from the municipal council.

In the city there are 35 fixed cameras and 3 flexible cameras for maintaining public order. That is more than one and a half cameras per 10,000 inhabitants. Other large cities have relatively more cameras, the Board sees.

Rotterdam takes the cake with 480 cameras and 7.4 cameras per 10,000 inhabitants. But Tilburg, Den Bosch, Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht also have more cameras per inhabitant than Eindhoven.

Woenselse Markt

In some places there is a need for more camera surveillance, the city council reports. For example, flexible cameras have been in place on the Woenselse Markt for three years, but the problems with order and safety in the area are structural. Fixed cameras are therefore necessary.

On Fellenoord and the Kruisstraat, flexible cameras must be installed for six months. In addition, the cameras on the façade of the station will be added to the camera surveillance system. The cameras are owned by ProRail. Eindhoven is still discussing the legal, financial and technical consequences with the rail manager.

Other cameras

In addition to enforcement cameras, there are also other cameras in Eindhoven. For example, there are 75 traffic cameras aimed at busy intersections. The municipality also has hundreds of cameras to protect municipal property.

There are 150 surveillance cameras on buildings owned by the municipality. In addition, there are a total of 200 cameras at sports facilities, the Van Abbemuseum and bicycle sheds. Finally, the scan car also has a camera and the ten bodycams that enforcers wear are also included.

Data security

It is not yet clear how many cameras for public order will be added on balance in Eindhoven. It is also not known how the city council will respond to the plans of the city council. Earlier, the council received criticism from the council for the inadequate handling of the many personal data that the city collects.

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani


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