Gerard Philips statue unveiled

Gerad Philips statue Picture credit: Philips

A seven-metre-high statue of Gerard Philips was unveiled at Strijp-T on Monday afternoon. Familiar faces from the regional administration and business community were present, as were many family members of the Philips founder.

Gerard thus gets a place after a long time in the city where the billion-dollar concern started. There are already statues of his brother Anton on Stationsplein and his nephew Frits on Market Square.


Among those present at the opening were Philips CEO Roy Jacobs, Eindhoven mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem, VDL top executive Willem van der Leegte, Queen’s Commissioner Ina Adema and PSV director Marcel Brands. Some 10 family members were also present, bringing Gerard ‘out of the shadows’ with the artwork for good.


The family’s techie Gerard preferred to stay in the background. He did found the world-famous company in 1891. He was behind the scenes in the company innovating and streamlining the technical side, alongside entrepreneur Anton. Artist Andreas Hetfeld says the sculpture aims to highlight Gerard’s understated and modest side, with no fuss. The artwork has an opening in the shape of a human-size light bulb. Visitors can walk through that. The sculpture is composed of five hundred layers of steel and has more than 4,600 individual parts.

Despite his modesty, Gerard has meant a lot to the city. Earlier, Philips expert Sergio Derks revealed that without Gerard, the company would not have existed, and the Brainport as an innovative technology region might not have either.


So the sculpture now stands on the Gloeilampenplatsoen at Strijp-T. When the Victoria Park near the Emmasingel is finished, the bust will get a permanent place there. Philips gave the sculpture as a gift to the city of Eindhoven on the company’s 130th anniversary. The Philips Museum now also has an exhibition dedicated to the founder of the electronics group.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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