Activists demonstrate for clean air

sign at a climate march
Photo credit: Markus Spiske (Unsplash)

Cardiovascular disease, asthma and other health ailments. According to Extinction Rebellion, the poor air quality in Eindhoven has disastrous consequences for residents of the city. That is why the climate movement is taking action at the town hall tomorrow evening.

After the city council meeting, the demonstrators on Stadhuisplein will draw attention to the situation. The climate movement wants the city council to give full attention to the subject of air quality. A citizens’ council on climate should also be set up.

In the eyes of the activists, it is two to twelve. “The air quality in Eindhoven is poor, and comparable to the air someone would breathe if a housemate smokes almost five cigarettes indoors every day. That is shocking and leads to all kinds of harmful consequences such as an increase in cardiovascular disease, asthma and other diseases. The quality and length of life of Eindhoven residents is negatively affected by this,” writes Extinction Rebellion (XR).

Take action

According to the activists, the municipality is already doing well with the climate crisis, but air quality is still neglected. While living in this sky every day is one too many, says XR.

That is why the initiators are calling on politicians to take action. For example, the activists must immediately take measures around the asphalt plant and traffic on the road. The environmental movement also wants the municipality to better inform residents about air quality and the climate crisis.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn

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