ASML expects to grow substantially again this year

ASML makes profit this year
Photo credit: ASML/Studio040

ASML expects to grow further this year as well. Sales will be about a quarter higher than last year, the Veldhoven-based chip machine manufacturer says.

The chip market is cooling somewhat, but companies are dealing with this in different ways, ASML chief Peter Wennink told ANP (Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau, general dutch press agency).

Demand for machines

The demand for chip machines is declining somewhat because some companies are spreading their investments over longer periods of time. As a result, they also want to receive orders from ASML somewhat later. But Wennink certainly does not yet see any problems for his company. This year too, the chip machine maker, which still has nearly €39 billion worth of orders on its books, will not be able to meet demand.

In the first quarter, ASML’s sales reached €6.7 billion. From that, the company achieved a net profit of just under €2 billion. That was above its own expectations.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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