Provincial elections: this is how to make Eindhoven more accessible

Provinciale Staten elections
Photo credit: Studio040

On Wednesday 15 March, the Provinciale Staten (provincial council) elections will be held. This will determine the governance of the province of Noord Brabant. The elections can therefore have a great deal of influence on a number of themes in Eindhoven. For these themes, Studio040 checked what is in the programs of the participating parties.

That something must be done about poor accessibility and infrastructure, all parties participating in the Provinciale Staten elections agree. But about how, more train traffic, bus traffic, or by giving space to the car, the opinions differ.

D66 (democrats) is strongly in favour of improving the international connection of the Eindhoven rail network. The party believes that a connection with Antwerp and Brussels should be established. In addition, the connection between Eindhoven and Nijmegen must be improved, for which the railroad bridge must be doubled. The city should also be better connected by rail to Breda, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Alternative public transport
The CDA (christian democrats) also wants to push for more and better rail connections in Eindhoven. In addition, according to the christian democrats, other forms of public transport such as bus lines should be used. Other ‘collective forms of transport’ should also be used to discourage car use, citing the Brainport bus line as an example. Moreover, public transport hubs should make it easier to change from car or bicycle to train or bus.

Eindhoven political parties Volt, GroenLinks (green left party), PvdA (labour party), PvdD (party for the animals) and FvD (forum for democracy) also argue for better (international) public transport connections. ChristenUnie/SGP (christian union/political reformed party) points out that better international train connections also relieve Eindhoven Airport.

Expansion of road network
Eindhoven must also become more accessible by car. The PvdA wants to widen the A58 highway between Tilburg and Eindhoven and the A270 highway between Eindhoven and Helmond should also get an extra lane. In addition, traffic flow on the Eindhoven ring road and Kennedylaan must be improved.

The ring
Finally, the ‘Ruit rond Eindhoven’ (the ring road around eindhoven) is also a headache in several programs. The PVV (party for freedom) and FvD want the ring road to be constructed ‘as soon as possible’. Other parties do not comment on the Ruit. D66 does express its opposition to the ‘Wilhelmina variant’ of the Eindhoven ring road, in which the ring road is completed with a connecting road between the A50 and N279 highways , along the Wilhelminakanaal. The other route is much further north.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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