Construction of bicycle connection The Run-HTC starts

Photo credit: Willem-Jan Schampers/Studio040

Alderman Jeroen Rooijakkers of the municipality of Veldhoven and Eric van Avendonk, regional director of road builder BAM Infra, will give the official go-ahead for the work on the new bicycle connection De Run-High Tech Campus next Friday.

“Veldhoven is growing, not only because of De Run and ASML, but also because of the High Tech Campus,” says Rooijakkers. “There are more and more traffic movements between these two places. That is why a fast and safe bicycle connection is important. This is not only healthy, but also better for the environment. And the new bicycle connection means less car traffic on the Kempenbaan.”

According to the alderman, an attractive and safe cycle route can reduce the pressure on the road network around the Kempenbaan and the N2. “We want to improve the accessibility of De Run and guarantee it in the future. Cyclists are an important target group. That is why we have drawn up a package of measures together with the municipality of Eindhoven, the province of North Brabant, ASML and the national government. One of the measures is the bicycle connection De Run-High Tech Campus.”

Earlier, the municipality of Eindhoven announced that it would invest 2.6 million euros in the construction of the cycle path. The cycle path runs from Hanevoet, Hunenborg and Ulenplas under the A2 to De Run. The cycle path will be built in five phases. The first phase must be completed in less than two months, on Friday 21 April.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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