Youth mistreat pigs and vandalise neighbourhood vegetable garden

young people vandalised and mistreated pigs
Photo credit: Phood Farm/Studio040

Owners of a neighbourhood farm on Rielsedijk in Eindhoven are looking for three young people who vandalised the property and mistreated pigs. The vandals were captured on camera and the images are being shared widely on social media.

According to Robin, one of the caretakers, the youngsters were active on the property daily for a week and a half. They were captured on camera the caretakers normally use to monitor the boars. “They pulled plants out of the ground and mistreated the pigs by throwing stones at them”, Robin says. “If anyone approaches who sees them, they quickly run away. One of my colleagues went after them when he saw them, but to no avail”.

The community vegetable garden, Phood Farm, is linked to Phood Kitchen, a restaurant at the old Campina site. The garden is maintained by community members in exchange for a subscription to a vegetable package. The vandalism has caused great outrage among members and local residents; on Facebook, the post with the video has been shared more than 160 times.

Robin: “We manage this vegetable garden together with the neighbourhood and we want this to stop. That’s why we hope someone recognises the youths”. The police are also participating in the search, according to Phood Farm. “We called and the officers said: please share the images”. Tips can be reported to police.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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