Morning rush hour not affected by slipperiness: code orange withdrawn

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The KNMI has terminated code orange for the province of Brabant. Traffic in the morning rush hour has experienced few problems due to slippery conditions.

Code orange applied Thursday morning for the provinces of Brabant, Limburg and Gelderland, especially the southeast of the country. Rijkswaterstaat concluded around nine o’clock that few problems have arisen due to the slipperiness.

Last night there was precipitation at temperatures reaching freezing, which caused slipperiness. Therefore a layer of ice is created by rain on a frozen surface. Once it’s on the road, it’s hard to get rid of because it mixes poorly with road salt. Car windows were also covered by a layer of ice, so the day started with nuisances for many road users.

Viaduct closed

A viaduct on the Westparallel near Dommelen was closed to traffic on Thursday morning, because it turned out to be too slippery on the viaduct. Several accidents had happened at that location. Emergency services found it difficult to conduct their work on the viaduct.

On some motorways (including the A2 and A50) it was advised not to drive faster than fifty.


Source: Omroep Brabant

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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