Spirit lingers in Philips de Jongh Park

Labyrinth for the Eindhoven DJ, Picture credit: Studio040

A labyrinth was unveiled in Philips de Jongh Park this weekend amid great interest. It is a posthumous gift from legendary Eindhoven DJ Lady Aïda.

DJ from Eindhoven

The DJ – whose real name was Aïda Spaninks – enjoyed international fame and was an inspiration to many people with her music, versatility and spirituality. Hence also the great interest at the unveiling of her gift, which, in addition to being a gift to Eindhoven is of course also a memento of her personality. “Warm, sweet, special. And we could laugh and howl with her,” said two visitors to the unveiling. They see the labyrinth as a place where they can go when they need comfort or just want to think of the late DJ.


The Rebelbass foundation, commissioned by Spaninks to create the labyrinth, is not yet finished. Sound still needs to be added to the monument – entirely in the spirit of DJ Aïda. Chairman Ron van der Sterren is talking with several sound artists who will create special audio at the memorial. Every year, it is planned, a new audio tour will be added to the maze. So that walkers and passersby in the park can briefly imagine themselves in another world altogether…. because that’s how dj lady Aïda, in her last stage of life, conceived it all.

Source: Studio040.nl 

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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