Who is the girl in this 55-year-old photo of the Evoluon?

The Evoluon 55 years ago. Who is this girl? photo credit nextnature/Evoluon

A young girl looks searchingly at the camera in the middle of a field where a giant UFO is being constructed.  The black and white photo must have been taken in 1966, the opening year of the iconic Evoluon, the former technology museum in Eindhoven. Now, over 55 years later, a search has started to find the girl in the historic picture. 

“She inspires me”, says Koert van Mensvoort, who is reviving the Evoluon. “It is such a special photo. Now the Evoluon is surrounded by all kinds of buildings, the area is a bit jumbled. This was the clean start”.

It is the girl’s gaze that especially inspires Koert. “It is so pure. ‘What is this?’ says her look”, says Koert. “As if she is thinking: ‘How on earth did this gigantic thing end up in my backyard?'” The exhibition dierector would love to meet the girl. “I would love to know what memories she has of the Evoluon”.

Few leads

After a month since he started his quest, leads still remain vague. “She seems to be the daughter of someone named Mary, says Koert, as if he is presenting a missing persons programme on TV. “She must be found”, he says with determination.

“I will welcome her with flowers. She will have lifelong access to the Evoluon, as long as I have a say in the matter”. I am dying to meet her. He sincerely hopes she is still alive. “At every presentation I give, I ask for help”.


The Evoluon was built in 1966 as a present from Philips to the city of Eindhoven. For twenty years, it was an educational technology museum with, initially, large numbers of visitors.

However, as numbers dwindled, the Evoluon ended its public role in 1989. From 1996 the building became a conference and events centre.  Now, after more than thirty years, the public can once again see an exhibition. RetroFuture focuses on thinkers about the future then and now. The exhibition runs until the end of March.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Greta


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