Campaign: shop doors to close to aid energy crisis

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If it is up to the municipality, there will soon be a special poster on all shop windows in Eindhoven. The poster states that the store is open, but the door remains closed due to the energy crisis.

‘We are open as usual, despite the closed door’ can already be read on the doors of shops in the city center. With this sign on the door, it is easy for shop visitors to see that the shops are open and to close the doors behind them to save energy. Alderman Monique Esselbrugge came on Monday to help stick the first posters to the windows.

Closed doors

Many people from Eindhoven understand the campaign. They also see their own energy bills rising during this time and do not think it is necessary to have all doors open. “I do not understand that some shops still have their doors open. We are now losing the heat we need in an unnecessary way. Everyone should keep the doors completely closed. We will find the door anyway,” says a passer-by.


Another part that the municipality wants to tackle is the energy wastage on the terraces in the city. Heat lamps are on all day and doors of pubs fly open and shut. The municipality is trying to encourage entrepreneurs to find alternative solutions. An example of this is using heated cushions or placing blankets on the terrace.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani


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