Dutch Design Week attracts global attention

Dutch Design Week

Eindhoven is in the spotlights this week, now that the Dutch Design Week has started again. The event not only attracts a lot of attention nationally, but also far beyond.

Journalists and companies from around the world are in town for nine days to view the work of more than 2,600 designers at 120 different locations. The designs are about the future: ideas and solutions for major social issues at stake, such as loneliness, food scarcity, housing shortage and climate change.


Journalists from Japan and Korea, among others, but also from Germany and France, have requested to attend. Renowned newspapers such as The Washington Post and The New York Times get accreditation for this week. “We get many international requests, but it’s not about the quantity. Quality is leading. We have therefore chosen permanent media partners, such as the well-known magazine Dezeen, the VPRO (television broadcaster), the Italian fashion magazine Lampoon and the German design magazine Nomad”, says Maxi Meissner of the Dutch Design Week (DDW).

It means great attention for the city and the event, but especially for the designers. “All that attention ensures that designers are appreciated, discovered and seen”.


City marketeer Peter Kentie of Eindhoven365 also sees the international interest in the DDW from the business community. “The decoration of the city attracts companies to Eindhoven. Hotels and restaurants are full. It is interesting to be a part of it. Audi, for example, comes check out the latest trends”. At the same time, the DDW provides a connection, he says. “The week leads to new networks for companies. This will ultimately lead to more employment. The event is one of great international value for Eindhoven”.

The DDW lasts until Sunday 30 October.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn

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