Jeroen Dijsselbloem sworn in as Mayor of Eindhoven

Jeroen Dijsselbloem sworn in
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

Jeroen Dijsselbloem was installed as the new Mayor of Eindhoven on Tuesday evening. Under the watchful eye of the media and the city council, the former finance minister took the oath of office. He was appointed for a six-year term. “I am looking forward to it”, he said.

After the installation in the council chamber, Dijsselbloem was greeted on the city hall steps by Eindhoven guilds. He then received congratulations from invited guests, family, politicians and acquaintances.

“It feels familiar, the city of my youth. A vibrant city, with appreciation for what is its own and appetite for what is new. Eindhoven no longer needs to emulate other cities because we are already a great city. We don’t have to prove ourselves, we already are”, Dijsselbloem said during his first speech. “There are many challenges ahead. Security is under pressure, there is acute housing shortage and the energy bill is unaffordable for some. We are going to work on those. That means cooperation, and that stands and falls with trust in each other”.

Support for choice
Dijsselbloem was selected from 18 candidates. Two candidates remained, after being selected by a trust committee. The City Council made a choice from the final two candidates in July, behind closed doors.

With Dijsselbloem, someone was chosen who meets the profile drawn up during the recruitment process. For example, he has a lot of administrative experience, with which he could put city and region better on the map in The Hague and Brussels. At the same time, he has his roots in the region, and knows the city. Both local politicians and many residents are pleased with the new Mayor.

There are many challenges for Dijsselbloem in the coming years, to which he must find an answer together with the new Aldermen, organisations in the city and residents. For example, Eindhoven has its hands full fighting (undermining) crime, poverty is increasing in the city, population groups are more often at odds with each other and residents are increasingly expressing dissatisfaction with government policy. In addition, Eindhoven wants to do something about the housing shortage and get more government money to raise the level of facilities. Furthermore, there is a division in the city between the people who benefit from the success of the high-tech region Brainport and those who miss out. Finally, the climate challenge and energy transition are major challenges.

Dijsselbloem succeeds John Jorritsma. The latter announced late last year that he did not want a new term as Mayor of Eindhoven. On Monday evening, fellow administrators and political parties bid farewell to Jorritsma. The former Mayor was decorated for his years of dedication with the City’s badge of honour and a royal decoration.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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