Experimental houses in the making: ‘It has to be sustainable, flexible and fast’.

sustainable homes to be built fast and flexible
Photo credit: Studio040

Three innovative homes are being built in Eindhoven-North. It is an experiment, in order to eventually be able to respond to the wishes of the near future with new building concepts.

The starter homes are sustainable, including the reuse of rainwater and the sharing of solar energy. Gershwin van Hoof is one of the people who will be living there from the beginning of October. “I work for the company that develops these houses. Living here gives me the opportunity as an engineer to learn from our systems. You can work on something, but you also want to experience it yourself.”

Living lab
A total of 700 homes will be built in ‘Te Veld’ community in the north of the city, a neighbourhood of innovative homes. Tiny houses were also delivered here earlier. The neighbourhood is a testing ground, in order to be able to better respond to new developments and the housing crisis.

According to Alderman for Housing Mieke Verhees, the approach is important. “There is a need for this in a growing city. There is a housing shortage, but we must be able to build the right houses. It has to be sustainable, flexible and fast. Here, for example, we can investigate in practice how we can live closer together while maintaining social cohesion. Or we can look at how we can move homes faster and better, if necessary. This is not possible during normal project developments.”

Source: Studio040

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