Cultuur Eindhoven happy with sponsor for culture prize

Breakdance group The Ruggeds won the prize in 2019. photo credit Studio040

It seemed as if the culture prize would not have a sponsor for the publieksprijs this year, but  Braintown stepped in at the last minute.

Braintown is a firm helping investors in real estate to find the right  investment objects.

For Cultuur Eindhoven the new sponsor for the publeksprijs is extremely good news. Two of the culture prizes are funded out of the culture budget, but an external sponsor is needed for the publieksprijs. This means the winner(s) can look forward to 7500 euros, just like the winners of the other two prizes.

Moreover, Braintown’s sponsorship will mean commitment to Cultuur Eindhoven for longer than just this year. After the award ceremony both parties will decide on the nature of future cooperation.

Source: Studio040

translator: Greta

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