Roadworks on A2 en N2 near Eindhoven ahead of schedule: ready on Monday

Work on the A2?N2 Photo credit: OmroepBrabant
Only one more week until the roadworks on the A2/N2 ring road near Eindhoven are complete. For a whole month work went ahead on the new tunnel box  which is to connect the industrial estate north and west of the city with eachother and with the A58. Traffic was warned to expect disruption, but ultimately the nuisance was limited.
Two hundred people are working around the clock to position the million-kilo tunnel box under the through road A2 and ring road N2 between the interchanges Leenderheide and Batadorp.

Eleven hours ahead of schedule

Work is nearly complete. Alderperson Stijn Steenbakkers will take a look at the new tunnel on Tuesday. “I find this an absolutely extraordinary feat”, he says. “Beyond expectation. There are few complaints and we are eleven hours ahead of schedule”.

On Monday the work should be completed and all the lanes on the A2 and the N2 will be open. “The latest estimates say this is a realistic expectation. The greatest risks in a project of this magnitude are already behind us. Those were specifically related to the type of soil we could encounter and the actual ground water level. We are really in the final phase now”.

Some nuisance, but less than expected

The serious disruption people feared did not materialise. “There was some nuisance, but less than expected”, the alderperson says. “We are pleased. Only one more week before we can enjoy the results for years to come”.

The new tunnel is to connect the Goods Distribution Centre (GDC) north of the city with Eindhoven Airport, the Flight Forum and Brainport Industries Campus. Freight traffic coming from the GDC will have a direct connection to the A58.

Traffic cannot yet use the new tunnel. It needs to be finalised and the roads leading to and from it need to be built. The new tunnel is expected to be ready for use next summer.

Source: OmroepBrabant

Translator: Greta

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