VDL wants to solve charging station problem with ‘smart masts’

VDL smart poles
Photo credit: Studio040/ VDL

Lampposts, charging stations, internet and data collection, but also measuring air quality or noise pollution. These are some of the possible functions that VDL’s new “smart poles” must offer.

The Eindhoven-based tech company developed the poles itself. The public space must offer more and more facilities: not only lighting, but also cars need to be recharged. There must also be Internet and data collection, to name but a few examples. The VDL poles must be able to facilitate all these facilities.

The poles are a welcome development. In Eindhoven, for example, there is discussion about the increasing number of charging stations in the public space. There is also a desire to incorporate these charging facilities in lampposts.

VDL is therefore skilfully responding to this. “With this ecosystem, we make an important contribution to creating an optimal livable urban environment in which sustainability and corporate social responsibility are the main principles”, Eric Janssen, director of VDL’s lamppost department, states.

Various applications can be incorporated in the poles. The idea is that governments and market parties will be able to develop and use the poles together.

‘Crown test’
VDL says it has designed several variants of the poles. “They range from a standard light pole with limited connection possibilities to a pole of 25 metres high with full connection possibilities. This could include the 5G network to a ‘drone nest’ where a drone keeps an eye on a bridge or the track, for example”, VDL says.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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