Hundreds of temporary houses to be added in Eindhoven

Picture credit- Studio 040

Over the next two years, 500 to 2000 temporary and movable homes will be added in Eindhoven. The municipality expects that this measure will help tackle the housing shortage in the city. 

Temporary housing will be added in two locations. One is close to the Berenkuil near the existing mobile student residences. While the other is for the Ukrainian refugees, earmarked on the Maxima hospital grounds


The municipality has identified six more possible locations. This is at the thrift store on Hugo van de Goeslaan, the parking lot of Woensel Shopping Center, the site between Rabelaislaan and Aanschot, the playground at the residential care centre on Maria van Bourgondiëlaan, the parking lot on Tramstraat, and Driehoek in Meerhoven near the highway. The municipality will now further elaborate the plans with housing associations and owners.

Durable and quickly movable

Movable homes are homes that meet all requirements but are built in the factory. The homes are sustainable and circular. The construction of the units results in less construction waste and less nuisance for the environment. The houses can be moved easily and quickly and will last for a maximum of thirty years. These are social housing or ‘average rent’ houses.

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