The Eindhoven market is getting crowded

Eindhoven Markt
Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

More and more people are (re)discovering the market. The number of visitors is on the rise, and that is noticeable.

Plenty of people this Tuesday on 18 Septemberplein. At the fish stall, people are snacking, the number of which could easily fill a tour bus. At the other stalls, too, there is a lot of pushing and shoving going on. But the atmosphere remains sunny.

“I get my oranges here every week and they are really tasty”, a lady in a bright blue shirt says. A nice compliment for the market vendor, who stands there smiling shyly. The avocados are praised too, and then the tomatoes. “Until next week”, she says when the – reasonable – amount has been paid.

The market is getting busier and busier, and this national trend is also noticeable in Eindhoven. According to the ‘Centrale Vereniging van Marktkooplieden‘ (central association of market traders), the number of visitors has increased by 20 per cent in recent months and turnover has also risen. The organisation believes that this increase will continue. Assuming, of course, that Corona does not spoil things.

* Ed. – Here you can find an overview of all week markets in Eindhoven:

  • Week market Wijnpeerstraat
    Monday 12.00-16.30 uur
  • Week market City Centre – 18 Septemberplein (food and non-food, fabric)
    Tuesday 09.00-16.00 uur
  • Week market Woensel XL shopping centre
    Wednesday 09.00-12.00 uur
  • Week market Kastelenplein
    Wednesday 13.00 – 16.30 uur
  • Week market Generaal Bothastraat
    Thursday 09.00-12.00 uur
  • Week market St. Trudoplein
    Thursday 13.00-16.30 uur
  • Week market St. Gerardusplein
    Friday 12.00-16.30 uur
  • Week market Woenselse Markt (food and non-food, clothes)
    Saturday 10.00-17.00 uur
  • Week market Catharina Market & Kids Market
    Saturday 10.00-17.00 uur
  • Week market Wilhelminaplein (organic food)
    Saturday 10.00-16.00 uur

Source: Studio040

Translation: Bob

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