Tents of homeless near Dommel cleared

Homeless camp near the Dommel photo credit Sudio040

The tent camp of dozens of homeless people living near the Dommel in Eindhoven was removed on Tuesday afternoon by the police. The residents now must find accommodation elsewhere.

The judge already ruled last week that the tent camp near the Karpendonkse Plas had to be evacuated, after a decision by the municipality. At that time, the municipality also announced that an eviction would take place if the homeless did not leave on their own. All the belongings of the homeless were placed in a large truck. It is not clear what will be done with them.


The reason for the municipal decision is a series of incidents at the camp site. There was a fire, a homeless person died after an overdose of heroin and there was an altercation involving an axe. Moreover, wild camping in the city is illegal.

The homeless claim they had to put up tents as there are not enough homeless shelters in Eindhoven. The municipality says many campers come from Eastern Europe and are not entitled to shelter.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated: Yawar Abbas

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