TU/e sets up crisis team for Ukraine war

Anti-Putin demonstration in Eindhoven centrum
Photo Credit: Pixabay, Flag of Ukraine

Eindhoven University of Technology has set up an emergency fund to deal with any problems arising from the war in Ukraine.

This new crisis team resembles our corona crisis team, a spokesman of the TU/e tells its news platform Cursor. “It gives us a rapid response option in emergencies, from storms to war.” The war could create a range of problems for the university and its students , TU/e says.

Students and staff worrying about relatives and friends in the war zones, financial traffic coming to a halt, residence permits expiring and business relationships with the countries concerned in doubt: all these serve as examples of how the war in Ukraine affects the University community indirectly, Cursor writes.

Maintaining contact

There are a total of thirty Ukrainians and one hundred Russians on the campus. The crisis team maintains contact with them, offering help where needed. When financial traffic stops, people lose access to their money. The emergency fund can offer financial assistance to those who can no longer make ends meet.

“We are also looking at the consequences of expiring residence permits. Of course, we also look at the impact on the wellbeing of students and staff who are directly or indirectly affected by the conflict,” a spokesperson said.

Business ties

In addition, business ties are being investigated by the crisis team. “We don’t have a complete picture yet. Contacts can range from individual research groups or institutes to faculty and university collaborations.”

Contact details of the emergency team can be found on the university’s news platform Cursor.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha



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