Number of shared cars in Eindhoven significantly increased in 2021

Photo credit: Studio040/Thijs van Litsenburg

The use of shared cars in Eindhoven has increased considerably in the past year. The Municipality of Eindhoven has announced this in a letter to the Executive Board.

Throughout the year 49 shared cars were added to the city. This concerns 17 cars with a fixed location and 32 cars without. In addition, since 2020 there are 80 to 100 shared cars from provider Amber, which are available for both business and private use.

Furthermore, a survey by the Eindhoven Digipanel shows that in April 2021, 8 percent of the respondents will use a shared car daily to weekly, 11 percent will use a shared car every month and 23 percent will choose this mode of transport several times a year.

Various studies have also shown that car ownership decreases due to the use of shared cars. In particular, people who often use a shared car would often sell their own car.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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