The winner of the battle for the tastiest Brabant sausage roll is known

The winner of the battle for the tastiest Brabant sausage roll is known
Photo credit: Omroep Brabant/Karin Kamp

Giel Vermeulen of Bakkertje Deeg in Heusden has won ‘The tastiest Brabant sausage roll 2022’ among professionals. His creation was chosen as the tastiest by the jury on Wednesday evening. The winner received the coveted challenge trophy at De Rooi Pannen in Eindhoven. Comedian and entertainer Rob Scheepers presented the prize.

Giel is the successor to Lars van Dongen from Wagenberg, the 2019 winner. It was the 25th time that the competition for the tastiest Brabant sausage roll was held.

To be honest, says Giel, he saw it coming. He had worked for a former winner and became enthusiastic about the sausage roll competition. After finishing in the top 10 last year, he adapted the dough a bit and even bought a special machine for it.

“We already have about 800 sausage rolls ready for tomorrow. But I expect we will sell thousands in the coming weeks,” says the 22-year-old winner.

Innovative sausage roll, without rules

For the anniversary edition, an additional category was added: the innovative sausage roll. Competitors could get as creative as they liked, as there were no rules regarding shape, composition, or taste. Pierre van der Zee from Beek en Donk ended up as the winner. His sausage roll is made of beetroot, which Pierre smoked for hours. Therefore, the dough is pink.

The first prize in the category for VMBO students went to Raff Willemsen from Hoeven of the Markland College. In the category for MBO students, Thomas Merkx from Made won from Curio in Breda.

This year, no fewer than 41 home bakers took part. Due to corona, many people started baking in their own kitchens at home, or in sheds and storage rooms. 13-year-old Djörn van Werde from Heeze won the category Best Brabant Home Sausage Roll. He baked them in the shed and beat all the adults with his creation.

A total of 95 Brabant sausage roll bakers competed. Ten professionals, five home bakers, five secondary school pupils, and five senior secondary vocational students made it through to the final. It was held in De Rooi Pannen in Eindhoven, where they had to bake their sausage rolls on Monday.

All sausage rolls were judged by eighteen jurors. A total of 320 sausage rolls were tasted. The meat filling, the bread, the appearance of the sausage roll, the bite of the roll, and the delicious taste were all judged.


The tastiest Brabant sausage roll 2022 (professionals):

  1. Bakkertje Deeg, Giel Vermeulen from Heusden
  2. Bakkerij Leon van Dongen, Jeroen van Dongen from Wagenberg
  3. Echte Bakker van der Steen, Barry van der Steen from Made

The tastiest Brabant home sausage roll 2022:

  1. Djörn van Werde from Heeze
  2. Margo van Hoof from Diessen
  3. Hans Leermakers from Loon op Zand

Most innovative roll 2022:

  1. Pierre van der Zee from Beek en Donk
  2. Dianne van Middelkoop from Gorinchem
  3. Jan Rijkers from Reusel

The tastiest Brabant apprentice sausage roll VMBO 2022:

  1. Raff Willemsen from Hoeven, Markland College
  2. Jordy Vermunt from Oudenbosch, Markland College
  3. Milou van Breugel from Best, De Rooi Pannen

The tastiest Brabant student sausage roll MBO 2022:

  1. Thomas Merkx from Made, Curio
  2. Bryan Lips from Breda, Curio
  3. Dax Leenen from Etten-Leur, Curio

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Simge Taşdemir

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