Eindhoven will receive refugees in Microlab

The hall where the reception will take place
Photo credit: San van Suchtelen /Studio040

Eindhoven is going to accommodate refugees from Ukraine at Microlab in Strijp-S. In the hall next to the business premises, there will be a hundred places to start with.

“It is probably not enough,” says Thijs Eradus from Springplank. “At the moment, we are still accommodating people in the Van der Valk Hotel. The location at Microlab should be ready by Friday.

The location at Microlab will be the central reception point for the refugees. “We need one point to accommodate all the refugees. They come from everywhere, by plane, by bus, they are picked up by people from the city. We can receive them from Microlab, register them and then they can be distributed further across the city from there.”

The hundred reception places will not be enough. Every region in the Netherlands must be able to accommodate 2,000 refugees. “In time, we can probably scale up to 200 to 300 reception places, but that takes time,” says Eradus.

It is not yet clear where the refugees from Microlab can be relocated. The municipality is looking together with housing corporations for available space for the refugees.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Simge Taşdemir


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