Eindhoven band hosts benefit evening to support Ukrainian band

Photo credit: Effenaar/Studio040

The Eindhoven band Komatsu will hold a rock benefit evening on Tuesday for the war victims in Ukraine. The formation will also do this to give a Ukrainian rock band a boost.

That band, the Somali Yacht Club, had to cancel their entire tour of Europe because of the war. Next Tuesday, the men were to perform in the Eindhoven Effenaar. The band from Lviv is not allowed to leave the country. The band members showed pictures of the events in their country on social media. “We want you to see this. This is what war in Europe looks like”, they said.

Deeply moved

‘Our staff is deeply touched by all the events and the despair that speaks from the message of Somali Yacht Club’, the pop venue reveals. That’s why the venue will now hold a stoner rock night with Komatsu, but this time for Giro555. Somali Yacht Club will be paid the agreed amount for the performance.

Music connects

“It is good on all sides to support these hard-hit musicians. It is heartwarming that the local rock scene reacts so positively to this last-minute action, which suddenly feels even more urgent because of the absence of a Ukrainian band. Music connects,” says programmer Marco Roelofs.

Besides Komatsu, Trek Flek and An Evening with Knives are also on stage on Tuesday.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Simge Taşdemir

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