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Climate change, housing crisis, cutting fossil fuel and inequality! Much is at stake in the upcoming municipal elections.

Remember you may be allowed to vote, even if you do not have a Dutch passport. The only party that connects green and left-wing politics is GroenLinks.Earlier we shared with you what GroenLinks stands for and what our plans are for Eindhoven. Our councillor Eva de Bruijn explains why it is important to vote in Eindhoven as an international. Are you curious if you can vote? Then do check here.

No fancy talk before the elections, just concrete results.

What has GroenLinks achieved in the past four years?

As a coalition party, we have proven in recent years that things can be done differently. We have not sat on our hands. On the contrary, together with residents, social organizations and neighbourhoods, we have built a green, fair and equal Eindhoven.

1.We have made Eindhoven greener and more sustainable

Think of the Clausplein, Geldropseweg, Hastelweg and Grote Berg. We are creating new ecological corridors for almost three times the John F. Kennedylaan. In the neighbourhoods we see more and more trees and plants blooming and growing. In addition, the municipality purchased the Wielewaal estate to turn it into a public city park.

There have never been so many solar panels on the roofs in Eindhoven. We have created an energy-saving program that is sustainable and tackles energy poverty. Our budget for climate and sustainability has been increased to 30 million euros during this term of office. Cyclists and pedestrians are given more and more space and we are reducing the number of cars in the city centre.

  1. We fought for a fair Eindhoven

Residents with poverty and debt are helped earlier, faster and better. In the council we took the initiative to support the working poor in a better way: we succeeded. They are one of the important target groups in the new approach to poverty and debt. Help has been improved and accelerated for people who are homeless. During the corona crisis, tens of millions were invested in our social institutions to keep them afloat.

People who have fled war and violence can go to Eindhoven for help and protection. In the municipal council, we consistently speak out against racism and discrimination. At the behest of GroenLinks, the establishment of an Ethics Committee is a reality. This committee regularly provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the municipality with regard to Digital Affairs.

3. We are committed to an international-friendly city

GroenLinks is committed to an inclusive and lively city where everyone feels welcome. A city with culture, sports and events. Together with D66, we created an action plan to improve the nightlife of Eindhoven and make it more inclusive, vibrant and culturally diverse. We helped (international) students with housing issues by setting up a rental team, arranging more student housing and fighting against ‘Dutch only’-houses.

Furthermore, we want that all children, Dutch and international, get a good education and equal opportunities. That’s why GroenLinks has realized a larger budget for after school programs with sports, culture and homework assistance. At last, we find it important that our international community feels involved in our city and in local politics. We practice what we preach: we have organized several brainstorms in English on topics like housing, mental wellbeing and feeling home, invited international citizens in ‘the Guest of the City Council’, have set up an international working group and visited many wonderful initiatives set up by international citizens. 

Past performance is a guarantee for the future

A political ally of change

In the city, we see more and more initiatives that match our agenda. GroenLinks is the political ally of all Eindhoven residents who stand for change. We are a party that combines idealism with decisiveness. A party that speaks out and achieves concrete results. A party that wants to connect, despite all the differences in society. A party that dares to do what is necessary. That is what GroenLinks stands for. With vision, ambition and leadership. Together we change Eindhoven.

This is the policy of GroenLinks. The best guarantee that this change will also be implemented in the next four years is a vote for GroenLinks. We hope to be able to count on you on March 14, 15 and 16! https://eindhoven.groenlinks.nl/en

Written by: Team GroenLinks.


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