Nuenen very proud of illuminated Van Gogh sunflowers

Van Gogh-Glow
Photo credit: Dennis Versteeg/Studio040

The light festival Glow is in full swing. This year too, the illuminated sunflowers by Van Gogh can be admired. An appropriate place has been chosen for this, this year, namely in Nuenen. That is the place where Van Gogh created his first masterpiece.

Van Gogh’s flowers are placed near windmill De Roosdonck and were developed by the Eindhoven light artist Hugo Vrijdag. According to Frank van den Eijnden, the man behind Van Gogh Brabant, the plan to bring back the sunflowers was already in place two years ago. Nuenen is in fact the perfect location to pay homage to the famous painter. “We are very happy to be involved in this project”, Van den Eijnden says.

According to Van den Eijnden, the surrounding area is also enthusiastic about the light show in Nuenen. “We have noticed a great deal of eagerness for the illuminated sunflowers. Families came to take a look last weekend, full of pride and enthusiasm. It was even so busy that we put out an appeal asking people to come later in the evening”.

Nuenen Van Gogh village
According to Alderman Stultiëns of tourism, recreation and village marketing of the Municipality of Nuenen, it is an honour to receive this work of light art. “It’s nice that the Eindhoven Glow festival also pays a visit to Nuenen. It is a very beautiful and atmospheric event. It puts Nuenen more firmly on the map as a Van Gogh village”, Stultiëns says.

Vincent’s Lightlab
In addition to paying tribute to Van Gogh, the illuminated sunflowers in Nuenen are also an announcement of Vincent’s Lightlab, a project by Van Gogh Brabant in collaboration with ASML. “Vincent van Gogh is known for playing with light and this project refers to his quest for light”, Van den Eijnden says.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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