‘Igloo terrace’ on the Market Square in Eindhoven under construction

Mega tents in Eindhoven
Mega tents for carnival celebration Picture credit: Studio040 / Mike Jupijn

You can stay warm and dry on the Markt in Eindhoven in the coming months. At the moment, the catering industry is working hard to build a large ‘igloo’ so that the terrace can still be used as the weather turns colder.

You cannot miss the tent when you walk on the Markt. The igloo-shaped roof will provide room for all the catering businesses. Perry Kusters of the entrepreneurs’ association is very happy with the tent. “Yes, it may be a bit large, but at least there is plenty of room to receive people.”

Press conference

For safety reasons, the canopy will remain open at the sides, so that it will not be an enclosed space. There will be another press conference on Tuesday when adjustments can be made. For Kusters, that is not a problem. “We really had to set up the tent now. Of course, we could not wait until Tuesday to put everything up. We could never finish in time. Hopefully, there will not be many changes required for the terrace itself.”


If everything goes according to plan the first guests should be able to sit on the terrace on Saturday. This is just before the start of GLOW. Kusters said earlier that the terrace should be part of the GLOW experience. “During GLOW, there are light artworks everywhere in the city. The terrace should be a part of and an addition to this festival.”

Source: Studio040

Translation: Anitha Sevugan

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