‘Nuenen can do little about arrival of distribution centres’

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The Municipality of Nuenen can do little about the arrival of a distribution centre on the industrial estate of Eeneind-West. The municipality says that, with today’s knowledge, it would have made different choices in the past.

After all, in 2016 the business park was ‘simply’ on the programme for regional business parks. And if the nitrogen crisis had not arisen, the permit for the arrival of a distribution centre in the area, would already have been on the table in 2019.

In addition, the municipality believes that Geldrop-Mierlo, which is now fighting against the arrival of the distribution centre, could have known that such a centre would be built. “Geldrop-Mierlo was at the cradle of that business park and eventually withdrew”, a spokesperson for the Municipality of Nuenen replied to questions from Studio040. “So they could have known about the developments”.

That said, they also see in Nuenen that the arrival of a large distribution centre on Eeneind-West is not a desirable situation for anyone. “It is not necessarily a suitable location, but it is permitted under the zoning plan. If we had to adopt a zoning plan at this time, we would make other choices”, the spokesperson says.

Traffic movements
The municipality is therefore also referring to the traffic situation that may arise, although Nuenen is adding a small proviso. “There has been a regional traffic problem for years. The developments of Eeneind-West will not help. On the other hand, the increase in traffic has been taken into account in the zoning plan and in the reconstruction of the Collse Hoefdijk this has also been taken into account. Also a maximum number of traffic movements have been included in the zoning plan.”

Permit for building
It remains to be seen whether Geldrop-Mierlo will be able to ‘enjoy’ a large number of lorries passing through the municipality. “The permit has been granted for the building but that does not say everything about the activities in those buildings and the associated traffic. It is not at all certain that there will be real distribution centres, with a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic, in the buildings”, the spokesperson says.

How things will develop is therefore a matter of wait and see. The municipal council may soon adopt an additional agreement giving the developer one more chance to fill in the site. If that does not happen, the municipality can take back control, and another filling in of the terrain becomes possible.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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