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Healthcare for internationals
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Healthcare for internationals (H4i) launched the app ‘Guide to Dutch Healthcare’ specifically for migrant workers. 

The user can find answers in Polish, Romanian, English and Dutch to their questions about how to access healthcare in the Netherlands, the role of the GP, where to get medication, health insurance and much more.

Following topics can be found in this guide to navigate Dutch healthcare like what to do in case of an emergency, what to do upon arrival in the Netherlands regarding healthcare and an answer to whether or not you need to take out Dutch health insurance for example.

This guide came into existence after a study done by H4i and health insurer HollandZorg. It became apparent that migrant workers feel badly informed about Dutch healthcare. They often don’t know where to turn in case of health problems.

h4i guide
Photo credit: H4i

Another issue which appeared in the study is that migrant workers often would postpone an appointment to the doctor. This was also mainly due to the non-information and them wanting to avoid the hassle of finding it out and going to a doctor somewhere in their working area, risking health complications.
This emergence is addressed in West-Brabant to start with by registering migrant workers to Arene digital practice. In the event of health problems, registered migrant workers contact Arene through an App. They are given online advice through a chat system. With one button click they are also able to make an appointment for a video call. The GP can address the health issue or the patient can be referred to a GP practice near them when physical examination or a procedure is required. This App is currently available in Polish, Romanian, English and Dutch. More information on this online registration App can be found here.

Healthcare for internationals (H4i) is a non-profit network of healthcare providers which wants to make Dutch healthcare more accessible for the more than 1.2 million internationals who live, work or study in the Netherlands.

Source: H4i Autumn Newsletter

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