Research for extra basketball field Beukenlaan

Research for additional basketball field
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Eindhoven is going to set up an investigation to find out whether an extra basketball field at Beukenlaan is necessary and possibly feasible.

The 18-year-old Kevin Reiken has reinforced this call for an extra playing field at Beukenlaan. He started a petition for an additional court because there would often be more than 30 people on the court. 300 people signed the petition.

The CDA then asked questions about the construction of an extra field. The city council says it is open to this, but first wants to investigate whether an extra field is really necessary.

After the Urban Sports Park, the basketball court is the busiest outdoor sports location in Eindhoven, the municipality says. During the corona times, indoor facilities were not much used.

Two investigations
Before deciding to build a second field, the municipality wants to investigate whether the high number of athletes on the field, also continues when they can go back to their clubs. If many people continue to come to the basketball court, the municipality wants to investigate whether an extra court is feasible and whether the adjacent playground can actually disappear.

The municipality reports believe to end the first study end of this year. The construction of an additional basketball court is estimated at  € 60,000.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta

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