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TinySteck Minitopia. Photo credit: John van Hamond/Brabant Province.

An innovative neighbourhood is set to be constructed in Eindhoven.

One hundred people can have their dream, compact homes built in Buurtschap te Veld on Castiliëlaan. The future residents can design, build and place their homes. “Minitopia’s 100 homes will complete the Buurtschap te Veld project in its uniqueness and range,” says Eindhoven’s Housing and Spatial Development Councillor, Yasin Torunoglu.

The initiative is being implemented by the Minitopia foundation. A €500,000 from the North Brabant province makes this project possible. The Municipality of Eindhoven is making the land available and is preparing it for construction and residential use.

Provincial help

“This is a great example of how the province can assist in housing developments,” says Erik Ronnes, the Provincial Minister of Housing. “Without loans, such projects either aren’t feasible or take a very long time to complete. This development also fits in perfectly with our Action Programme on New Housing Forms and Self-Builds.”

“Minitopia’s looking for determined self-builders, Tiny House lovers, and sustainable innovators. People who prefer living in houses constructed of natural or reused materials. Those who have an eye for inventive applications with a small environmental footprint,” Rolf van Boxmeer and Tessa Peters of Minitopia say.

“We’re looking for people who want to take care of their environment and like to help neighbours when needed. Age or household composition isn’t important.” If you’re interested, you can send your housing idea to www.minitopia.eu/buurtschapteveld.

50m2 footprint

You can register with an idea for a compact house idea. It can’t have a footprint of more than 50m2. A footprint means where the house touches the ground.

The house may have two floors and a maximum floor area of 100m2. “We select houses based on the originality of the design,” says the Minitopia website. “And on the chosen materials and its sustainable or circular character.”

“Your motivation to live here and what you want to do for the social character of the neighbourhood and the green environment also play a role.” There are three possibilities for registration.

  • You design and build your own home. You can submit a drawing or artist impression so the foundation can evaluate your idea.
  • You have your home built for you. Then you must submit a mood board, a reference image or a sketch.
  • You buy or own a Tiny House and submit a picture of it.

The deadline is 1 June.

Can’t buy the land 

You will have to pay to rent your plot of land. That will cost between €300 and €400 (excl VAT)/month. That’s besides construction and utility costs and municipal taxes. You can’t buy the land.

“This neighbourhood won’t only make a significant contribution to the housing shortage,” continues Cllr Torunoglu. “The council is also responding to the growing need for innovative housing concepts. People also want a say in the size, shape and content of their homes.”

“Buurtschap te Veld offers something for everyone. It suits the city perfectly. I’m proud of the cooperation with the various partners’ cooperation. I can’t wait for the ground to be broken,” he concludes.

Construction is set to begin at the end of this year. It will be done in two phases. Phase two should be complete by the end of 2022.

Sources: Brabant.nl and minitopia.eu

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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