New test law worries Museum

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The Van Abbe Museum believes that the test law should be abolished.

This law wants to make admission COVID-19 tests compulsory for museum or theatre visitors. The House of Representatives voted on the law on Tuesday. The Van Abbe is one of the signatories of a letter published in the NRC, a Dutch daily newspaper.

In it, various cultural organisations speak out against the law. It will mean the end of cultural institutions such as museums, theatres, concert halls and cinemas. That’s according to the letter’s authors.

Will cost €1 billion

Making a test mandatory only raises the threshold for gaining ‘beauty, comfort and knowledge’ in the cultural sector. Also, implementing the law would cost at least €1 billion. The cultural sector could make good use of that money.

Moreover, visiting museums, theatres, and cinemas doesn’t lead to more COVID-19 cases. That’s what the signatories of the letter say experience shows.

At the end of last year, it became known that the Van Abbe Museum was suffering greatly. That was due to their forced closure during the lockdown. The museum expects to lose some €375,000 this year.


Translated by: Bob

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