Efteling reopens from Wednesday

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Efteling will open from Wednesday, with the announced relaxation of the corona measures. Not all attractions are open and the tickets are slightly cheaper.

Although the amusement park in Kaatsheuvel was closed for 22 weeks, work continued as usual. “We have patched up a lot”, Robert den Hartog of Efteling looks back on the closure. “All buildings have been thoroughly cleaned on the inside and we have brought new people in. We have had to remove the weeds on the streets in the park in the past 22 weeks. Normally people are constantly walking over them and weeds do not stand a chance. Now that it rains a lot and the temperatures have risen a bit, it keeps growing again.”

During the downtime, the empty roller coasters were a strange sight for the employees. “We prefer to have guests who we can give a nice day. Empty rides are of course very boring for us”, says Mirjam van den Kerkhof, who works on the roller coaster Baron 1898.

Queues outside

The reopening on Wednesday does not mean that everything is back to normal. Indoor attractions such as Symbolica and Droomvlucht will remain closed for the time being. For attractions that are only partially indoors, such as roller coasters, visitors need to queue from outside and then board the trains immediately from inside.

Tickets will be cheaper in the near future because not all attractions are open. The entrance ticket currently costs 38 euros, which is normally 41 euros during the week and 43 euros at the weekend.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Shufei

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