City politicians want to debate riots with Mayor Jorritsma

A debate over riots
Photo Credit: Remco Vanderweel

Political parties in the Eindhoven city council want to have a debate about the riots last Sunday. The coalition parties CDA and Groenlinks, together with opposition group D66, has given a call for this. 

“The riots were exceptional and have a great impact on the city. We, therefore, want to dwell on this in more detail,’ the three groups said. The parties have many questions and want text and explanation about how it could go so wrong on Sunday.

During a council meeting on Tuesday night, GroenLinks, D66, and CDA wanted to know from Jorritsma, whether the municipality has a good picture of increasing radicalization and anti-corona sentiment in the city. They also want to know, how any further escalations can be prevented. Furthermore, the parties ask whether the city government has a good picture of the rioters and where they come from. In addition, they ask for clarification about the damage: how big is it and do the rioters pay for it?

Mayor Jorritsma has given approval for an independent investigation into the riots.  The investigation report will be ready in five weeks.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives online INBURGERING classes.

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