Food Bank won’t have to close after all

Food Bank
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The Voedselbank (Food Bank) in Geldrop-Mierlo is to receive money from the municipality.

The site needs to expand. This should prevent this institution from closing down. On Monday evening, the town council to award the Food Bank an additional €70,000.

The Food Bank will use the money to erect an additional building. This is near the Food Bank’s current premises in the town’s business park. They need this expansion to store food safely.

Failed inspection

An inspection revealed that that was not currently the case. If nothing changes, the Food Bank would have had to shut its doors. The town council is pleased that action is now being taken.

According to various parties, something had to be done quickly. Especially now that closure was imminent. More and more people are using this social service too.

Previously 60 families were dependent on the local Food Bank, now it’s 80. There are also an additional 15 families on a waiting list.

‘Could have been sooner’

A solution may have been found, but not everyone’s pleased. The D66, VVD and CDA, in particular, believe the Municipal Board should have taken action sooner. “We knew in the summer already that there were problems,” VVD councillor Thomas Schouten says.

“Only now, under enormous time pressure and a failed inspection, is something being done. We now have to put down a large sum of money. That without the council being able to make a proper assessment.”

“How do I explain that to other welfare organisations?” he asks. Councillor Peter Looijmans admits it took a long time, not passing the buck. “The decision could, indeed, have been reached quicker.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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