‘Ergon employees feel unheard’

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Apparently, employees of the Ergon, Eindhoven’s social employment service, don’t feel heard.

That’s according to the Socialist Party. This party’s Eindhoven has therefore started a ‘Meldpunt Ergon’ (Ergon Complaints Desk). The SP has¬†received several complaints from Ergon employees with a work-limiting disability.

They don’t feel they being taken seriously. The SP wants to use the hotline to determine whether there are also structural problems within the social employment system. A better picture also needs to be formed of Ergon’s working conditions.


The party previously called on the Eindhoven City Council to do an independent investigation within Ergon. According to the SP, the Council Board wasn’t up to it. “It seems the board isn’t taking it seriously,” SP party chairman, Murat Memis, says.

The SP is going to collect all the complaints and forward them to the municipality. The National Ombudsman has already investigated working conditions in Dutch social workplaces. It appeared that employees have nowhere to turn to with their complaints.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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