Charges against Waalre leaker stand

Photo credit: Tim Vellinger/Studio040

The criminal investigation into leaks by the dismissed civil servant in Waalre continues.

That’s despite last week’s deal between her and the municipality. That’s according to a Public Prosecutor spokesperson. The official revealed the dispute between the then Mayor Jan Brenninkmeijer and Waalre councillors.

Last week it was announced that the Waalre Municipality and the official had concluded a deal about her dismissal. The council didn’t want to disclose any details.

Vital role in management crisis

The dismissed civil servant played an important role in Waalre’s administrative crisis. She got wind of a plot other civil servants and councillors were hatching against Brenninkmeijer. The official informed him of these plans.

As a result, the relations within the council deteriorated. It became clear that there was discord in the council. For her trouble, the official got suspended. The newly appointed Mayor, Jan Boelhouwer, later filed charges regarding leaking this information against the official.

The Public Prosecutor’s spokesperson didn’t want to say anything more about it. “The investigation is ongoing which is why we’re currently reluctant to share further information,” the spokesperson says. It’s not yet known when the investigation will be concluded.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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