Sombre Christmas even in churches

Photo credit: Raymond Bruijns/Studio040

This Christmas Eve, St Joris church clergy will be having a ‘Church tour’.

They will be visiting six Eindhoven churches, travelling part of with a nativity scene. There are usually eight Christmas services in Eindhoven South.

The COVID rules, however, mean these have been cancelled this year. That means thousands of people won’t be able to attend Christmas mass. So, this church tour an alternative.

Six stops

The churches on the route are Catharina, Martinus (in Tongelre), and Pius X Church(in Stratum). The route continues past the Gestelse Lambertus, and Trudo Church (in Strijp). It ends at St Joris Church.

The Christmas gospel will be read at each church. A Christmas message and some prayers will also be shared. St Joris says there’s a kind of beauty in this year’s austere Christmas celebrations.

“In this corona time, all the Christmas festivities are more sombre. They’re, therefore, slightly more aligned to the humble birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem. There were few visitors then.”

Only three visitors

“There were only three wise men from the East. So, they were adhering strictly to Rutte’s rules. Less glitter and glamour this year, but perhaps more the true Christmas spirit than ever”, says a church spokesperson.

There was an Easter Church tour during the first lockdown too. According to the St Joris Church’s spokesperson, there was a lot of interest then. They hope this will also be the case now.

The eight Christmas Day services will continue. As will the seven on Boxing Day. Only 30 worshippers are allowed at each service.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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