Stedelijk College begins new International programme

New International program in Stedelijk College
Photo Credit: Stedelijk College, Eindhoven

The Dutch bilingual department at the Stedelijk College Eindhoven, Henegouwenlaan is going to start the “Tweetalig Internationale Programme” (TIP). This program started from the school year 2020-2021.

This will benefit the students with an international educational background.  Its an educational program that will enhance their Dutch language skills and abilities. This shall help to cope, and even excel in the Dutch educational system. Also, this shall enable them to obtain their Dutch High school Diploma (tvwo, thavo, vwo or havo).

To qualify for this program: A student will need:

a. a basic knowledge of the Dutch language (A1 level).

b. a havo or vwo academic level and/or advice.

c. Proficiency in english.

New International Program at Stedelijk College
Photo Credit: Stedelijk College, Eindhoven

Which students are likely to take part in TIP?

    • Students with an International background: from an international/European primary school (group 8), or a first year international secondary school. (Depending on their age and educational background)
    • Dutch expat students: Pupils returning to the Netherlands, but who are lagging in their Dutch language development and ultimately want to obtain a Dutch havo or vwo school diploma.
    • EOA students with the ambition for a havo or vwo diploma.


In the first year, the TIP offers seven Dutch language lessons each week.  All seven lessons are taught by specialised Dutch language teachers. The aim is to increase their personal Dutch language proficiency.

In the second year, the TIP pupils also receive seven Dutch language lessons each week. The curriculum will be adjusted to include subject such as History, Physics and Multicultural Studies.

The aim is that by the end of two years, the students have enough grasp of the Dutch language and are able to follow the Dutch bilingual studies to get their High School diploma.

The first students to start TIP in August were Raresh from Romania, Iva from Bulgaria, Jessica from India, Ahhyun from South Korea and Avinash from India.

For more information contact the team leader of the bilingual department: Mr. Dorus Neutkens:

A report by Chaitali Sengupta


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