SP: Foreigners stuck between the old and new Civic Integration exam rules

New civic Integration rules
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The rules for civic integration exam (Inburgeringsexam) are going to change soon. The socialist party of Eindhoven (SP) is afraid that the change may be troublesome for foreigners, who have not yet passed the civic integration exam. 

It is mandatory for foreigners to pass the civic integration exams in order to get a residence permit. The rules that apply in this respect have changed quite a bit in recent years. Before 2013, it was the responsibility of the municipality to organize the civic integration lessons and to guide the persons integrating. The bill of 2013 changed that. Foreigners themselves must take responsibility to take exams for integrating in the society.  In 9 months, the rules will be different again: then the municipalities will be responsible for this whole program.

Is Eindhoven prepared for this change? The SP wants to know this from the municipality. The party is afraid that the municipality no longer has a view on foreigners who have not taken a civic integration exam in recent years. According to the SP, there are cases in which persons integrating have knocked on the door of the municipality for help in vain. The party believes that one cannot expect them to contact the municipality again. That is why the municipality should take action now.

The party feels that the “forgotten group” may get stuck between the new and the old rules. It wants to know from the Municipal Executive if there’s a plan to prevent that from happening.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.

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