Drink cartons and tin allowed in plastic recycle containers

Photo credit: Rachael Vickerman

From now onwards, it’s allowed to dispose of tin and drink cartons at the various plastic recycling containers throughout the city.

The waste management service, Cure, announced today that residents can dispose of tin and drink cartons in the usual plastic recycling.

Cure subsequently plans to rebrand the orange containers from ‘plastic’ to ‘PBD’ (plastic, tin, drink cartons). Even if a container is still marked ‘plastic’, it can be used to dispose of tin and drink cartons.

Separation of waste is good for the environment and also the reason for this initiative. Drink cartons and tin can be recycle but was always burnt along with all other general waste.

Follow the link for more information in Dutch.

Source: cure-afvalbeheer.nl

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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