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Sirius Medical Systems, a company specialising in medical technology, will receive an investment of €4.4 million.

The company’s located on the High Tech Campus. The money will be used to market a device called the Sirius Pintuition Probe. It makes it easier to determine the location of a tumour in breast cancer patients.

Sirius Medical got funding from a group of investors led by the Brabantse Ontwikkel Maatschappij (BOM Brabant Ventures). Sjoerd van Gorp is BOM Brabant Ventures’ senior investment manager. He explains why they invested in this company.

‘Better care’

“The innovative solution developed by Sirius will lead to a better care process. That’s crucial in today’s healthcare.” During surgery, the Sirius Pintuition Probe provides highly accurate, real-time feedback, and directional guidance to the marked tissue.

Other investors are Curie Capital and Holland Capital. The Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research will also contribute. Oher parties, including Sirius Medical’s management and existing shareholders, will also contribute.

Hubert Martens, CEO of Sirius Medical Systems, expects this will allow the company to execute its ambitious growth plans. “(We want to deliver) affordable localisation technology to physicians. (We want to develop) additional solutions (too),” he says.

Sources: Studio040 and High Tech Campus

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Editor: Melinda Walraven

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